Charity Intentions is included in your Ema subscription, here’s what you get

1. An Ema microsite that looks like you and your brand

Group 319

Landing page

Group 320

Case study page

Group 321

FAQs page

With Charity Intentions, you’ll receive a set of pages that are conveniently laid out in easy to use templates. There are carefully thought out design areas that we know, from experience, work well for the website visitor and maximises engagement. See more here
You simply provide your logo, some text and images along with a link to a showreel.
Just add existing video content that highlights your cause or we can help you create one.

2. A data gathering wizard

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A quick and easy form

We want to make it easy for your supporters to supply you with the information that you need and so we keep it short and simple. All data is GDPR and PECR compliant and you can edit the questions you want to ask. If you want to offer more information about your charity, about will writing or end of life or bereavement services, we have space to ask nicely and securely.

3. An Ema template for intentions

Group 323

Visual and interactive

We can offer you an engaging visual page that brings your community of future legators alive before your eyes. Your supporters are invited to mark their intention on an Ema template and share their reasons for support, if they want to, they can tell you the amount they intend to leave and who they are and we can keep this confidential but allow you to predict and plan for future gifts, today.

4. Donations here & now

Group 324

Raise vital funds today

You can test to see if your future legators will also be donors today, by asking for an ‘impact donation’ using another Ema template with our Ema Appeal offer.

5. See your legators at a glance

Group 325

Our admin area can take the strain

We will store all of your supporter’s details in a secure and data protected admin area that can generate reports or even link to your existing CRM. Our admin area is designed to be intuitive for you and so you can have the confidence to manage your legacy pipeline with ease and clarity.

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