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Group 319

Landing page

Your legacy fundraising shop window. Let us help you sum up exactly what problem your charity has been set up to resolve and how you can turbo charge your impact fuelled by Will Power!

All we ask you to provide is a little text, one or two images and some video content.

If you don’t have a video, or if you would prefer, we can create a simple animation that explains what you do and how gifts in wills help you do it.

Group 320

Case study page

Leaving a lasting gift in a will is a personal decision and not one that is decided over night. Some people think that you need to leave a fortune and can be put off so it’s helpful to explain that a little or a lot can make a big difference and this is how.

Group 321

FAQs page

Some terminology can be confusing when it comes to writing a gift in a will, and when people begin to think about it, there are some frequently asked questions that are easy to answer. We can help you with suggestions or bow to your experience as a seasoned legacy fundraiser.


Your Showreel

The showreel area on your microsite is a great way to engage your supporters and explain quickly how a gift in their will can help your cause. If you have your own video or recording of a presentation, just link to it here and it will play directly on the microsite. We're happy to help create one for you or possibly give your existing one a makeover as needed.

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