An end-to-end solution to track your legacy gifts

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Creating value for


Add your intention and join a community of legators who share your values.


Look after your future legators now and see the positive impact of your hard work today.


Supporters can share their intentions so you can see the value and source of future income.


Creating value for supporters

By adding your intention to leave a gift in a will you can join a community of legators with shared values. Charity intentions lets you share why you care.


A space to mark your pledge

A supporter can mark their intention on a virtual template to join a community.


Easily shareable on social media

Let family and friends know about the cause that you care so much about.


Make a gift for impact now

You can easily make an online donation to help your cause today and have impact now.


Your data is secure and safe

All of your valuable data is encrypted and looked after responsibly.

Creating value for fundraisers

Here’s an easier way to look after your legators and see the positive impact of your hard work now. Let us help you work smarter and faster with a tool to get the job done.


Capture data about future gifts

Ask your supporters now, to say why they care in an easy and friendly way.


Capture data about the legator

Learn more about their presence online and interactions with your charity.


Built-in analytics

Connect to your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel accounts for more data.


Easy reporting

Download or Upload information and create attractive reports that predict patterns of behaviour.


Creating value for charities

Supporters can share their intentions so you can predict the value and source of future gifts. Charity Intentions is a blend of tech and innovation to help understand your supporters.


Branded & customisable microsite

We've done the hard work for you, so you can set up your pages with no fuss.


Wizard style data capture form

A user-friendly and enjoyable process for your supporters to share their intentions.


Add your showreel or mission video

A visual and engaging way to get your supporters on board with your mission.


Display 3rd party logos

Need to show off your partners?
No problem!

Deals on innovative fundraising tools!

We understand how important legacy income could be to your charity. That’s why when you use Charity Intentions, it is easier to identify and then steward your supporters. Plus, we can give you great deals on all of our interactive fundraising tools.

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Optional add-ons to boost your fundraising!


Reporting & engagement

Record messages from living legators, remember key dates and interactions.


A customised showreel

Don't have a video and want one? We've got a creative team for the job!


Deals on visual fundraisers

Build fun and interactive templates so your donors can give online.

Let's get started!

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